Leo’s Chase For An Oscar Finally Ends



Have you heard the news? Leonardo DiCaprio – the man who’s been ever so deserving of an prestigious award for his acting skills – has finally acquired one of them golden bad boys!

That’s right, Leo now has an Oscar. It’s been 20 years and six Academy Awards nominations, but he finally managed to land one.

Last night, DiCaprio was presented with an Oscar for Best Actor for his role in the movie “The Revenant.”

Although he’s one of the biggest actors in Hollywood, Leo has been denied the award for so long people actually got genuinely surprised on Sunday night when they heard that he actually won.

His acceptance speech was rather standard: “Thank you all so very much. Thank you to the Academy, thank you to all of you in this room. To my parents, none of this would be possible without you. My friends, I love you dearly. You know who you are.”

Of course, he was treated to a standing ovation, which was well deserved considering he’s been working two decades for this. Congratulations, Leo!

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