Leonardo DiCaprio Shaves His Manly Beard, For Good Perhaps



It seems that Leonardo DiCaprio’s heavy beard he kept for his role in “The Revenant” has driven him insane and the actor says he is now focusing on maintaining a “light stubble” prior to the Academy Awards season.

Maybe that will be his lucky charm for winning the Oscar this time around.

Leonardo recently spoke on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and he admitted the beard was pretty hard to maintain which prompted him to lose it, probably for good.

“I don’t think I’ll ever have a beard like that ever again, unless it’s for a role,” says Leonardo.

“It’s hard to maintain, stuff gets in there, you’re eating and then food falls in. You have to shampoo it. I did put conditioner in because you want it to be soft, otherwise it gets like a brillo pad.”

“If you have good enough friends, they notify you if you have mustard on your beard or something like that,” the actor joked.

The Revenant

Leonardo grew his beard for six months for the role in “The Revenant” and then the actor seemed to had grown attached to it (pun intended), so he kept it for another year.

“The Revenant” is a thriller about a man who is mauled by bears and left for dead during an 1820s fur trading expedition, and we are all keeping our fingers crossed hoping this role will finally win him an Academy Award.

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