Is Kate Winslet Pregnant?



Oscars have a tendency to sparks many a rumors and generate great stories about our favorite celebs, and this year’s ceremony was no different.

Aside from Leo finally getting the golden statue, we might be getting another exciting piece of news. This one from Leo’s good friend, Kate Winslet.

Exciting News

Namely, photographers at the Oscars managed capture a lot of candid moments between the Hollywood A-listers, but one particular cluster of female celebrities caught our eye.

When Kate was spotted chatting to Cate Blanchett and Brie Larson, the cameras might have captured something quite interesting.

According to the article posted on Hello!, the pics captured the 40-year-old Kate “sharing some exciting news with her friends”, implying the actress might be pregnant with her fourth child.

“Kate, Cate and Brie can be seen chatting and laughing together in a circle, before Cate reacts with surprise and excitement to something Kate has said”, writes Hello! magazine. “She then leans in to place her hand on Kate’s stomach, before Brie gives the star a big hug.”

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