Céline Dion Just Can’t Hold Back The Tears



It’s not every day you see a famous singer get overwhelmed with sadness during a live performance, but in Céline Dion’s case, we completely understand.

The legendary singer hasn’t performed ever since her husband René Angélil passed away back in January, which makes her performance at the Las Vegas stage this Tuesday the first one after a long break.

Dion decided to include a written message and a video montage into her performance as a way of honoring her late husband. However, during her emotional speech to the crowd, the 47-year-old celeb simply couldn’t hold back the tears.

She said: “We will always be one. You know, I might not hear his voice yet, but I talk to him, I think of him all the time. I feel and I know he hears me,” followed by a stream of tears. We feel for you, Céline, and we’re glad to see you have the strength to return to the stage after such a devastating loss.

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