Austin Stowell And Nina Dobrev Have Just Broken Up



Despite most of us still feeling that Valentine’s Day vibe, some people went in the completely opposite direction – in this instance it’s Nina Dobrev and Austin Stowell who decided break up in the midst of the most romantic time of the year.

Although they have only been together for seven months, Austin and Nina gave us an insight into dozens of cute and romantic moments the two shared.

There were long hikes, emoji-themed birthday parties, and other situations where the two looked so happy together.

But, as a source tells E! News, things weren’t as perfect as they seemed. As it turns out, “it started to get hard with both of their schedules,” so the couple decided to “remain on good terms.”

At least there was no quarrel about it, right? This would explain why neither Stowell nor his “Vampire Diaries” girlfriend had any thoughts to share on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram regarding Valentine’s Day, and why Nina showed up solo to Super Bowl 50.

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